Guide To Laser Hair Removal

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If you are a girl with speedy body hair growth and is annoyed by regular hair-removal treatments at salons then, laser hair removal is probably the best option for you. Once done, it leaves you skin smoother than any other hair removing alternatives like waxing, razors, and electrolysis therapy. Along with the benefits, there are certain downfalls too. Let’s discuss all the aspects of this technique further:

How Does It Work?
As we all know, there is a laser machine that is used to emit the laser light. This laser light gets converted to heat when it comes in contact with our skin. This heat is then absorbed by the melanin present in your hair follicles. It causes damage to the follicles and hinders any further growth.


Will It Remove the Hair Completely?
Well, there is no term like ‘total hair removal’. Everything has a limit and so has the laser machine and its settings. However, it surely gives better results than waxing or razors. You may also have to go to the clinic for few sittings to get the desired level of hair removal.

For the people who have dark and thick hair, it works like a wonder as waxing can’t remove those hair with perfection. Also, you don’t have to visit the salon and bear that annoying pain of waxing again and again. It is almost a permanent hair removal solution for most of the people.

Laser hair removal treatment can burn your skin, if not operated on the proper settings. It may also cause itching and hyper-pigmentation to your skin. People who have a sensitive skin should discuss this beforehand with the practitioner as laser light may irritate their skin badly.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for Laser Hair Removal
1. The efficiency and qualification of the treatment provider.
2. How many years of experience does the company have?
3. The quality of the equipment used by them.
4. The location should be convenient for you to commute easily.
5. And most importantly, how much will it cost?

Tips and Precautions
1. Don’t step out in the sun just after the treatment as it may cause damage and tanning to your skin.
2. Don’t wax before the treatment.
3. After the laser treatment, don’t wax or shave the remaining hair.
4. Avoid using any kind of perfume or deodorant.
5. Stay away from hot showers.




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