The Right Way To Shave

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MTE5NDg0MDYwNjQzOTg0OTExHaving visible hair on the skin can be a bit embarrassing for girls. We have to spend a lot of bucks in the salons to get them removed every fortnight or month. When it comes to shaving, most of the women try to avoid it as it gives bumps on the skin which looks as bad as hair. But, if shaving is done properly, it will not result in razor bumps.
Here, I have explained the right way of shaving.

According to me, you should use Gillette Venus Razor and Gillette Satin Care Gel for smooth and hasle-free shaving.B003EMPN7G_venus_201404151_4627_lg._CB351054589_

Let me first tell you the basic procedure of using razors to shave the hair from your skin.
• To maintain proper hygiene, you first need to clean the area of the body that you want to shave. Use a mild soap that can clean all the dirt and don’t sensitize your skin. Use lukewarm water for this purpose as very hot water may burn the skin.
• Make sure that your skin is dry before you start shaving. Use a soft towel to pat it dry.
• Take Gillette Satin Care Gel. Smear it properly on your skin.
• Now, using the Gillette Venus Razor, start shaving your legs by moving the razor in the direction of hair growth.
• Keep rinsing the razor to get rid of the hair that is caught between the blades.
• Wash the shaved area thoroughly once you are done.
• Apply a moisturizer after patting your skin dry. Now, you are ready to flaunt your glowing skin!

Tips for a Smooth Shaving Session at Home

1. Change Razors/ Blades
To get a smooth shave, you need a sharp blade. When you use the same razor blade again and again, it gets blunt, which causes an improper shave. Remember to change the razor or blade after using it once or twice. It will give you a soft and smoother skin without any broken hair roots.choosing-a-razor


2. Always Use a Shaving Gel or Cream
For a protective layer between your skin and razor blade, you should apply a shaving cream or gel. You can also use coconut oil for the purpose. It softens the hair and makes the process of shaving easier. Using an opaque cream, gel or oil is more convenient as you can get a better look after shaving.Woman shaving her legs in bathtub


3. Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth
While most of the people are habitual to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth; it is recommended to use the razor in the same direction. It doesn’t cause any excessive pull or irritation. Also, shaving in the contradictory direction may cause razor bumps and ingrown hair.f7a571a7-c47a-4e24-a682-4ec63450e95d (1)


4. Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure
When you have applied a shaving cream or gel, there is no need to apply extra pressure on the razor. It will irritate your skin and cause cuts as well.shaving-dg-pg-01-full


5. Avoid Shaving the Irritated Skin
If you have sunburn or irritated skin, ignore doing shave. It will enhance the irritation and may further cause an infection on your skin.

Have a happy shaving session next time, ladies.


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