Get Ready For Garba: Outfits And Tips


fotojet-designsfjeifjeifgeoNavratri is right here, and I am sure you are all ready gearing up for Garba. The rolling of drums and loud beats of foot clomping music compels you to shake your legs and let your hair down. With time, a lot of changes have occurred in Garba. Yes, I am talking about the dresses that are worn during Garba. Earlier, Gujarati saris and ‘chania-cholis’ were the main outfits that were worn by the ladies while performing Garba. Well, today, the trend has completely changed, and people really prefer to experiment with their looks. Here, I have mentioned some gorgeous outfits for all those glittery Garba nights along with some useful tips to dress up.


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If you don’t want to buy any new outfit and wish to utilize your old possessions, then here are some handy tips that will help you to look like a diva.

1. Pair It Right
Pair your ethnic skirt with an over-sized shirt or jacket, smart tops, westernised silhouette, or modern-cut blouse.

2. Keep Your Body Shape In Mind
It is very essential to understand one’s body type and then dress accordingly rather than choosing an outfit which is completely opposite.
A monotone lehenga with a short blouse is a perfect wear for a petite frame body.
A normal ethnic skirt with subtle blouse looks pretty on the apple-shaped body.
If you are tall, go for voluminous lehengas with short cholis.
Short length girls can put on a high waist length and slightly less voluminous lehenga.

3. Add the Quirk Factor to Your Attire
You can become the queen of quirks by following the below given tips:
Pair your lehenga with a bustier or a crop-top.
You can also opt for an embellished and sheer jacket. Don’t forget to ditch the dupatta.
Wear a printed top on a nude-shaded lehenga.
For a brighter look, you can wear a stylish kurta having contrasting hues.
Accessories, like bags, head gears, belts, etc. can add to your quirk factor.

4. The Colour
Along with white and beige, gold and neon shades are also in trend. You can also go for pink, emerald green, ivory, tangerine, or yellow.

5. The Accessories
It is rightly said that “Cute accessories always help bring out your outfit and pull it all together.”
To get a perfect look, keep accessories to a minimum. A pair of chandelier earrings, a tikka and a neck piece are enough.

6. Makeup
When it comes to makeup, you can opt for sultry smokey eyes with either a pink lipstick or a dark red.
Fake lashes and glitter pigments for eyes can also enhance your makeup look.
And of course, don’t forget to highlight.


Quick Tips


1. Keep your body type in mind while choosing the length of the blouse.
2. Wear fitting skirts.
3. Pay attention to your hair-do. Bun, braided hair and neat plaits go good with such outfits.
4. The length of your lehenga should not create any problem while you walk or dance.

1. If you are short in height, avoid wearing clashing colours with the skirt and blouse.
2. Don’t put too many accessories.
3. Do not ditch a dupatta if you are pairing the lehenga with a deep or backless blouse.
4. Poor quality fabric reduces the grace of the attire. So, always opt for good fabric.
5. Avoid wearing an outfit that is too stretched around the belly.

Happy Navratri!





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