12 Healthiest Foods To Have In Your Kitchen All The Year Round

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To have an active brain, a healthy heart, and optimally working muscles, you must consume a balanced diet that offers you a lot of nutrients required by your body. These nutrients make your bones, tendons and muscles stronger, plus they also control bodily processes such as digestion and blood pressure. So, now that you know the importance of nutrients in your body, you must try to keep these nourishing foods in your kitchen for the whole year.

1. Yogurt
Yogurt is a cultured dairy product that is prepared from grass-fed, organic milk, which makes them a powerhouse of nutrition you must keep in your kitchen all the year round. They contain a number of advantageous probiotics in them that maintains our digestive system uncontaminated. Additionally, it also contains minerals, vitamins, and various other essential amino acids that provide natural healing powers to our body. Make sure you take plain yogurt and not the one that are packed with sugar.



2. Egg Whites
Eggs are an excellent source of protein, which is essential to build, maintain and repair body tissues. In addition to this, they also contain zeaxanthin and lutein for eye health, choline for your nervous, brain, and cardiovascular systems, as well as naturally occurring B12. So, go to the market and buy some fresh eggs, boil and remove its yellow part as it is high in cholesterol. Eat them in your breakfast to boost up protein level in your body. Or else, mix them with fresh vegetables to add up some extra flavor.



3. Raw Garlic
Raw garlic is one such ingredient that must be added in your menu on a daily basis. It protects your body from osteoporosis and hypertension by enhancing the natural abilities of our body, plus it also reduces the risk of cancer. It works as an antifungal, a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antiparasitic agent. Keep fresh garlic in your kitchen, crush or chop its cloves to enhance the release of an alliinase, an enzyme which catalyzes the formation of allicin.



4. Organic Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is excellent particularly for those who are suffering from problems relating to thyroid. It contains high amount of lauric acid, which in turn demolishes lipid-coated viruses, for instance influenza, HIV and herpes, gram-negative bacteria, measles, and protozoa. Additionally, it serves as a natural cure for Alzheimer’s disease and does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream, thus, just eat a spoonful of coconut oil or else add a small amount of it in your daily meal. Look for an organic coconut oil which must be unbleached, unrefined, prepared without chemicals or heat processing and does not have genetically engineered ingredients in it.



5. Himalayan Salt
Salt is significantly important for the optimal function of our body. Himalayan salt are natural unprocessed salt that contains about 15% of naturally-occurring trace minerals (such as phosphorus, silicon, and vanadium) and 85% of sodium chloride. Prepare healthy sports drink by adding a pinch of Himalayan salt in a glass of water and fresh lemon juice; drink it after exercising or in hot summer days.



6. Sprouted Seeds
An easiest method to boost up nutrition content in your body is by adding sprouted seeds in your daily salads or in vegetable juice. You can also grow sprouts even in your kitchen. They are rich in vitamin, protein, and mineral content. Additionally, it also has various valuable enzymes, helping your body to soak up as well as utilize the nutrients of other healthy foods you eat, as well.



7. Raw Milk from Organic, Grass-Fed Cows
Raw milk from organic, grass-fed cows is much safer as well as healthy as compared to pasteurized milk. It has been found that a larger number of people who drink pasteurized CAFO milk are more immune to diseases than those from linked with raw milk.



8. Apples
The famous expression “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been heard by everyone of us and without any doubt it is actually true. Apples have high fiber content and decrease the chances of any heart disease. Additionally, they also have boron, the mineral that is extremely good for bones.



9. Almonds
Almonds works wonders in reducing cholesterol levels, helps in losing weight, protects artery walls from getting damaged, builds strong bones and teeth, lowers the increase in blood sugar and insulin after meals, nourishes the nervous system and aid in providing good brain function. In addition, it also decreases the chances of heart attack by about 25 percent if consumed at least twice in a week’s period.



10. Avocado
Categorized as a fruit, avocado is a good source of monounsaturated fat and has low fructose level, thus, it provides a number of benefits to vascular function and heart health. In addition, it is also rich in potassium which is useful in balancing out the potassium to sodium ratio, and contains about 20 indispensable health nutrients that include folic acid, vitamin E, fiber and B-vitamins. Rather them eating it as a raw fruit, you can also use them as a fat alternate in various recipes.



11. Blueberries
Blueberries are regarded as bliss for the cancer patients as it contain a number of compounds, including Pterostilbene, Anthocyanin, Ellagic Acid and other anti oxidants like copper and vitamin-C. They neutralize free radicals which can have an effect on disease and aging in the body, aid in reducing belly fat, keep away constipation, support urinary tract health, slows down visual loss. It is a perfect nutritional supplement to treat numerous heart diseases. Eat a minimum of about half cup a day. Mix it with yogurt, or just eat them alone.



12. Macadamia Nuts and Pecans
According to a recent study it has been found that people who ate nuts lived a comparatively longer life. In addition, it also works wonders for those who want to lose their weight. Try and eat macadamia and pecans nuts since they have higher amount of healthy fat and lower amount of protein and carbs. The macadamia nuts contain monounsaturated fat oleic acid, fatty acid which has a large number of health benefits.



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