Stop Food Cravings By Avoiding These 8 Mistakes

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There are very few people, who have not experienced the irresistible yearning to eat something particular, whether it is a burger, chocolate, potato chips, or any other food they love eating. Once in our lives we all have experienced craving, however we must be cautious in the way we satisfy this hunger. Considering the actual deficiency which our body craves for, it can guide us to find the root cause of the cravings by which we can ultimately kick them all together.

1. Skipping Your Breakfast
Breakfast is considered an important part of your every day meal. Skipping breakfast may result in lack of vitamins, fiber content and minerals such as calcium, iron, vitamin B2 and zinc. It actually boosts up our metabolism and energy levels. In spite of being warned by the health experts, there are still thousands of people who skip the first meal. Skimping breakfast sets off bad eating habits all through the day in the form of cravings, which in turn results in consumption of fast foods. If you planning to lose some of your calories then eat a nutritious breakfast and give a healthy start to your day.


2. Eating In Greater Quantity
You’ve got cravings for pizza and it’s hard to stop on a single slice of it. And you end up eating three of them. The point is, you were actually hunger for only half a piece and you ate twice more than you actually desired. As per the recent research, it was found that people who were given snacks in small quantities such as small portions of apple pie, chocolate, or potato chips were more satisfied compared to those who were given larger servings. So, eat small snack-sized servings in every 15 minutes, rather than eating in large quantities.ketel-one-1600x900


3. Not Eating Anything
A number of people especially the ones who are on a diet prefer not eating anything. However, it actually has various dreadful results that in turn cause cravings. So, if you are craving for a candy, try a bowl of strawberries or if you feel like eating something salty, then pick in-shell pistachios instead of grabbing chips. Adding a substitute rather than what you actually crave for can keep you satisfied and your stomach full. Since this longing of eating something won’t last for a long duration of time, you’ll soon forget about it. But if you craved for only and only chips and no other substitute works, then eat them bit by bit.woman-obsessing-over-diet


4. The Reason For Your Craving Is Missing
Can’t get your head out of those yummy chips? We all know the bad health effects junk foods have on us, but we are still not able to control us. Why? The main reason can be that we are still addicted to the sensation of that particular food. This includes the taste, its smells, and how it feels when we eat it. So, whenever you feel hungry at an odd time, jot down your emotions such as whether you are anxious, tired, bored or stressed; rather than grabbing up something to eat.Woman's cravings


5. You Don’t Add Healthy Food To Your Meals 
Instead of eating only junk food, you can even satisfy your cravings by eating something healthy or else eat these healthy foods along with junk food like if you eating a cheese burger add some lettuce to make it healthy. This alternative generally works out since the food now becomes not only tasty, but also healthy. So, next time when you feel like eating some French fries, add some salad with grilled salmon as well. Or with a small bowl of mac and cheese, order a piece of grilled chicken and veggies.Tasty-Kitchen-Blog-Crunchy-Cashew-Thai-Quinoa-Salad-00


6. The Foods You Crave Are All Around
Do you keep a chocolate box with your favorite chocolates beside your bed? Yes? A number of people keep their favorite cookies next to their bed, workplace or even at their office desks. Its late night and feel like eating something, it’s obvious that you won’t go out; rather you’ll prefer grabbing from the pantry. This can actually make you gain weight. So hide your favorite chocolates or cookies behind some healthy fruit-and-nut bars so that whenever you reach out for your chocolates, you see these healthy bars first.91d93b4b6ffd678ba47d0bff3c578d6f


7. Dieting Is Your Favorite Thing
Yet another blunder that worsens your cravings is when you go on a diet. The people who are on a diet have more extreme cravings that are harder-to-resist when compared to the people who diet just to maintain their weight or non-dieters. Instead of completing keeping yourself away from your favorite foods, eat a little of them every day. Whether or not you are on a strict fitness diet to lose weight, this will keep your cravings in control.

Little food


8. The Feeling Of Guilt
There’s a get together party of your old friends and there is pizza. Eating a single slice of it will make you happy or will you feel guilty? Rather than feeling embarrass about eating it, you must be delighted and celebrate. The feeling of guilt may ignore your thoughts, but it will in turn make you more obsess over the pizza slice.gluten_free_pizza_options



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